1891 Neepawa Census

The following surnames are listed in the Neepawa 1891 census.  Please query me if you want a lookup. I'm still missing a page or two but have nearly all of it now. Also, besides the typos I might make here, the census is not that easy to read and may have erros because I couldn't decipher it very well---never mind the creativity which spurred the census taker!

Adams, Adams-Lyons, Allport,Anderson, Angraive (?), Argue, Armstrong, Attwood, Averich, Aylwin

Baker, Barr, Beamish, Belford, Bessner, Betts, Black, Blackmoor, Blotsome, Boice, bonnet, Boyd, Boyle, Braidner, Brown, Bryce, Buchanan, Buck, Burkell, Busby, Butledge

Campbell, Camson, Card, Carter, Caswell,Cathers, Chahnesi, Chatwin, Clare, Clark, Coats, Coine, Cole, Colter (?), Coulter, Countaw (?), Covernlock, Cowan, Crawford, Cumming, Cunningham, Currie, Curtis, Cuverly

Dalton, Darling, Davidson, Denbeigh, Desbrisay, Dickson, Donaldson, Drost, Ducklo(?), Ducklow, Dunlife, Dunlop, Dunwoodey, Dutton

Edmiston, Edwards, Elliott, Ennis, Ewer

Farrel, Farrell, Fieldhouse, Findley, Fortune, Fowler, Fraser, Frieland, Fulton, Furgeson, Fusee

Gallop, Gamble, Gerhardt, Gibbins, Gibson, Gilroy, Gossell, Governlock, Grahame, Grant, Green, Greenfield, Greer

Hamilton, Harding, harison, Hartford, Hartley, Hayse, Hazelton, Hely, Herrell, Hil, Hilton, Hog??th, Hoggins, Holland, Horrigan, Howard, Howatt, Howden, Hunter


Jackson, Jardine, Jasper, Jeryman, Johnson, Johnston, Jones

Kellington, King, Koyle

Land, Law, Lilsle (?), Lindsay, Little, Logan, Long, Lowdon, Lowe, Ludlow

Mahonie, Manley, Manson, Marriott, Masden, Mathers, Matthews, Mc??naner, McCaffrey, McCallmy, McCallum, McConaghy, McCrcken, McCullins/McCallum, McDonal, McDonald, MdDougall, McElveney, McFadden, McGill, McGuire,
McIntosh, McIntyre, McKenzie, McKintosh, McLaughlin, McLean, McNaughton, McQuarney, McRae, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Mossip/Mossifs, Murdoch, Murray, Murrey, Mutter, Mutton


Pattison, Pearce, Perry, Peters, Phinney, Priestley, Punc

Ralph, Ramsey, Reeve, Reid, Richardson, rintoul, Ritchey, Robinson, Roe, Rothwell, Rouleau, Rutledge, Ryatt

Samle, Shannon, Shaughnessy, Shorten, Sibbit, Simpson, Skelding, Slater, Smith, Spence, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stinhouse

Taylor, Thomas, Todd


Van Blarcom, Vance


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